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Kabuki Sushi and Grill (Southside)

lkung's response

This Kabuki place is by the University, some state its by the Garneau area and well its been open for a while and me and JosieNg decided to go try it out just recently... And let me tell you it was interesting... People in my classes have been praising this place for a while and of course... high expectations were expected.

Let's start with what I ordered... We went in for lunch with a friend.. and I ordered Bento box B which included sushi, beef teriyaki, salad, rice, miso soup, one piece of fried pork (i'm sure there is a name for it but idk) and tempura. I further ordered a fresh oyster and the avocado roll.

Bento box B - like all bentos they start with a soup... the miso soup... and well I didn't like it... not that it didn't have a taste to it but it was like overall just salty... maybe because I was ike half sick but seriously I really didn't taste much to it... had some onions and tofu i believe.... Yea... it just didn't go so well with me...
Next arrived the bento... the beef teriyaki was pretty good actually and quite saucy (if thats a word) it was soft and tender and it was a good blend of flavour, the sushi was decent lets say... heres is the problem I had with it... I personally think they tried to make the rice soft and sticky but it just wasn't too sticky... fell apart in the chopsticks and I didn't really know what else to say... The blending of the rice and fish was decent but to say it was fantastic... a little far... Although the fish slice was quite generous and it was fresh fish although not totally like woot off the boat... (thats not what I expect, haha I do realize I live in the middle of no where and no where around the ocean at all! Actually QUITE far from it). The salad although I find quite intersting, they did their own blend of sauce and it was unique to them! I would have to say it was quite good of a salad! Omg... some critical work to the tempura.. It was like 50/50 to me... they had a slice of squash, two shrimp, a slice of yam and a green bean. The sauce they had for the tempura didn't jump out at me... on the salty side actually so please make your own judgement. Lets start with the slice of squash, its like ugh... like lets be realistic it was like half a pound of oil mixed with a squash slice, it was like wow... shrimp i think was good, the yam was decently cooked, and well the green bean threw me off for sure.

The raw oyster... was a beauty in itself... tasted kind of like a frozen oyster thawed out and then landed on my plate... with some salty suace and wow... It was just gross... There was a giant grain of like sand but whole and hard in the little oyster and portioning when I say little, mine was little... The grain covered like half the oyster and definitely ruined my taste buds.

The avocado roll was good, nice and fresh... hehe good aspect.

Pricing wise I would have to say it was decently priced. For lunch it was $13.50 for my bento, $2.50 for my oyster and then about $5.50 for my roll so i would have to say pricing was good, but keep in mind it was lunch!

Time for Ratings
Cleanliness - 4 (unique, dark designed restaurant, small in size so you can see everything and it was CLEAN!)
Service - 3.5 (only one lady was the server so it took a little longer for her to refill teas and stuff like that)
Food - 3.5
Drinks - 3 (I had green tea, and it was good)
Pricing - 4 (I also looked at the dinner menu and it was higher so I wouldn't say this is the best priced sushi there is)

JosieNg's thoughts
SUSHI TIME!!! Again....LOL anyways you guys all know that i am a sushi lover. This was one of the Japanese restaurans that I have been wanting to try for a while now. Me and lkung decided to go try it two days ago cause we wee in the Southside already anyway. And here we go...

So this is what I ordered. I had the bento box A, which included miso soup, chicken teriyaki, salad, tempura, one piece of fried pork which like Lkung said probably has a name but I wouldn't know what it would be called and a california roll. I also ordered the avocado maki and a caliornia cone ( which i always order at japanese restaurants...its like a trend haha)

Okay let's start off with the bento box. So they give you a Miso soup with the bento. The miso soup to me did taste like a miso soup should taste like although it was a bit on the salty side and the soup was actually grainy. So no I didn't like this soup...don't think anyone would like grainy soup. Then came the bento box and it looked really appetizing. Couldn't wait to dig into the food. The chicken teriyaki wasn't very good. Usually the chicken teriyaki is crisp on the outside and tender/moist on the inside. This one was not even close to that. I bit into the chicken and it was like hard. It wouldnt even be defined as crisp at this it was over fried and was hard. Tasted actually like chicken jerky or something. Then moving onto the salad portion of the bento. I have no idea what they put into this sauce but i didnt like it at all. It was an oil based dressing but then again different people have different tastes so that is my thoughts on the salad. The tempura was interesting and the tempura sauce was like dipping your tempura into a bowl of salt. I gave each vegetable a try and for each one that i bit into it was like drenched in oil. You can like see the grease on the tempura. Then I had the shrimp tempura and never in my life have i ever taken the batter off of anything...The shrimp tempura was soggy. It was so drenched in oil that i had to take the batter off the shrimp. Anyways, lastly I had the california roll from the bento. The first few peices were alright then I had my fourth one and i bit into a grain of something that actually cracked my tooth. I have no idea what could have been in a california roll that was that hard but it was kinda gross.

The acovado maki was fresh but the rice could have been stickier cause it was falling apart. But aside from the rice it was actually pretty good and I really enjoyed it.

The california cone that I ordered was not eaten so I cant really say anything about it. But by looking at it, it had the same rice issue...was falling apart. Yeah...I didn't eat the california cone cause of the issue I had with the california roll in the bento. It really grossed me out...and my tooth was in like pain. So yes, I lost my appetite unfortunately.

So here is the pricing. $12.50 for the bento box, $3.50 for the maki, and $4.50 for the cone.

Overall I was disappointed in this sushi restaurant.

And my ratings...
Cleanliness - 3.5
Service - 3.5
Food - 2.5
Drinks - 5 (I only had water to drink)
Pricing - 4.5
Bento B

Miso Soup

Fresh Oyster

Avocado Roll (Bottom) & Avocado Maki (Top)

Bento A

California Cone
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