Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oranj Sushi Bar (West Edmonton Mall)

Lkung and I went to this oh-so-fabulous Oranj Sushi Bar yesterday night. This Japanese restaurant had just been opened for a couple of weeks now and we thought that it would be a nice place to have dinner.

Josieng's Critique
So I thought that this restaurant would be so tasty and so wonderful so I convinced Lkung to eat there. Service was good...we got seated and browsed through the menu. Prices there were decent and I thought to myself 'I picked a good ass restaurant.' So we ordered and did not have to wait very long for the food to arrive which was fantastic!
So I got my California Cone and it looked really tasty and couldn't wait to eat it. As i took my first bite....I couldn't quite make out the taste of this cone. The crab meat was rubbery and the mayo had a funky taste to it.
The second thing that came to the table was my avocado maki. They were alright...nothing too exciting.
The last and final thing that I had at this restaurant was their vegetable tempura. The tempura was disgusting. It was the greasiest tempura I have ever eaten in my life. Also, the vegetables were undercooked and some of the vegetables had a metal taste to them.
The worst part of this experience were the edamame beans that i tried off of lkung's bento...It was horrible. I don't know where they keep their vegetables but where ever they are, it is making their veggies taste funny.

So all in all here are my ratings:
Cleanliness - 5
Service - 5
Food - 0
Drinks - 5? (I only had water)
Pricing - 4

Lkung's critique...
So I guess I should say that we were actually at Wem (short form of west edmonton mall) a couple weeks ago and then we say the sign so we were super excited to have a sushi place right into Wem as a dining restaurant...
To tell you the very truth I really had some high standards for this restaurant... It was placed on Bourbon Street along with many good restaurants like The Red Piano and Delux Burger Bar... so expectations were super high...
Lets start from the beginning. Upon approaching the hostess, she was super friendly and definitely a real Japanese. Getting seated with the menus was fantastic. The service from the waitress was fast to get us drinks and recognize what we wanted... (We arrived at 8pm-ish to the restaurant)
So lets start with my order which was a sushi chef bento box with sashimi (raw fish slices) and one chop chop sushi as well as a fresh oyster. The waitress came back to me and told me that there was no more fresh oysters so i didn't get to try it.
Bento box at this restaurant consisted of a salad, chicken teriyaki, rice, tempura, edamame, miso soup and of course the sashimi.
The generic items really didn't make it any more special, according to my taste buds the miso soup was lacking some flavour or simply salt hahaha... chicken teriyaki was slightly undercooked and usually most restaurants want it to be slightly crunchy and well it wasn't like that... I'm really not sure if it was the time of the day that we like walked into the restaurant but the rice and edamame was quite cold... And then tempura was well undercooked may be a couple description of it... Some of the vegetables haven't been in the oil for long enough... Biting into the tempura was a very hard battered exterior and then vegetables were hard... Squash for example usually has a sweet taste and is slightly mushy but this was not sweet, carrot one was just very hard, broccoli was like the most perfect one, shrimp was good too, and the yam was again quite hard. Also, for some odd reason edamame tasted like metal... a slight metal aftertaste and was quite cold...
Sashimi which is a determining factor of a good Japanese restaurant is very important because fresh fish is what sells Japanese cuisine off... Its basically a very important factor - I had tuna, salmon and scallop sashimi and well it wasn't fresh... I do understand that I live in Edmonton 53 degrees north latitude with no bodies of water that contain eatable fish but yea, it was just like eating a piece of not sure what but raw object...

Overall, I guess the restaurant tried but there are several factors that may have influenced it... Overall, the sushi is quite good. I saw many people ordering sushi and they were satisfied with their visits so perhaps try the sushi out but the rest... I'm not so sure...

So here are my ratings...
Cleaniness - 5
Service - 4
Food - 2
Drinks - N/A since I only had Water...
Pricing - 3.5

Oh yea... the portioning of the food was quite well actually and pricing was decent too...
For all the items described above the bill was $47.78... so totally not bad at all...
Bento Box with Teriyaki Chicken
California Cone
Avocado Maki

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